25th August 2018
What’s up Fam!
Yas! Cheers to the weekend!So, this post is inspired by an article I read on News Republic yesterday. As I read the article titled;
6 Types of Toxic People You Should Never Befriend at Work , I laughed really hard because I could totally relate to every example that was cited therein. Working in different organisations overtime has helped me in meeting new people, building my social network, growing my career, developing my work ethics as well as studying and understanding humans in general. Trust me, you don’t learn all these in one day; and even when you think you’ve learnt it all, the dynamism and transitioning of the human mind, character, behavior and attitude keeps defying your “understanding. However, there are some of these traits that are static and not susceptible to change thus, we’re sure of finding them everywhere we migrate to just like MTN. So below, I have listed out some types of people in a nigerian workplace we are definitely bound to meet. If you’re already an employer or employee, you should have met all or some of them already

The certified workers

hese are the real employees of every organization. They’re there to do what they were originally hired for. They resume early, work their buts off effectively & efficiently and deliver timely without compromising quality. As a result of their strength in the organization, they are sometimes considered “too serious” by other colleagues. Some of them are friendly; some are warm, some are stiff, some are just in between but, they are cordial with everyone. Most importantly, they mind their business. They rarely interfere with their colleagues’ affairs and when there’re ongoing conversations about the company/organisation/the Boss, they activate their ghost mode. As strong as they are, they are very few in organisations; I don’t know why.

The “awa ni e” workers

These ones are those who turn the work place into an ethnic union. They literally forget that it’s actually a work place and not a location for village meetings thus everyday is a “get together” for them. Their language of communication is their shared dialect and not the English language (I’m sure we can relate already). They’re not very productive but they sure know how to do “eye service”. When they see the Boss, they become very restless and energetic, gallivanting the entire perimeter of the office to show that they are busy. They’re the ones who resume late and leave early. Their productivity is solely driven by the immediate rewards and they sure know how to be “committed” to growing the company ONLY when the Boss can see them.

The Petty ones

You don’t want to be friends or enemies with them. They’ll make your life miserable. They literally come to work everyday with invisible binoculars to see who is working and who isn’t whilst they’re lazying about. They dish out clap backs without thinking. In their opinion, they deserve to be respected and can’t bear it when a fellow colleague stands up to them. The sad thing about this set is, they’ve got a million flaws which they don’t see but is obvious to others who dare not tell them about it. They derive pleasure in causing and judging rifts between colleagues so that at the end of the day, they would be the ones to settle the issues and then be branded the peace makers. My advise, NEVER take advice from these people; it’ll be you shooting yourself in the leg.

The Know it all

You see these ones, na only them sabi book. You no go school o! In fact, if they work in accounting and you’re in marketing, they’ll teach you your job and try in every way to convince other colleagues that you do not know your job. They deliberately leave their tasks and question you about your relevance to the company and whenever you ask them a question, they smugly refer you to “go and read it on google” but not without first giving an irrelevant lecture about what you didn’t ask in the first place. They’re never wrong in their overloaded heads. You can’t even have a descent conversation with them cos your opinion wouldn’t matter. And if they’re married with kids and you’re not; ah! okpari! you’re intellectually finished! So; the deal is, never engage them in an argument, except you’ve got the mental energy.

The Smilers

This set of people will do any and everything to be in everyone’s good books and strangely, it works well for them. According to someone I know, “I’m sorry” is their second name. They can apologize for Africa and they smiled and laugh a lot. Even when they’re upset; they wear the smile like a second skin. Colleagues can’t really tell who they are on the inside cos their ability to shield their real personality is simply amazing. I see this as a strength sometimes but other times, I feel like they unconsciously present themselves as a push over to the savage colleagues who enjoy taking advantage of everything.

The Pervs

These ones need deliverance. They’re the ones that watch porn during work hours and when they see a fellow colleague; male/female, they want to touch them or hug them. You hear them make silly comments or asking suggestive questions such as, “you look sexy today, I feel like giving you a sweet hug right now, what did you do last night? Hope you got some over the weekend, Is your man hitting it right? etc”. They just can’t help themselves. What do you do? Set boundaries; don’t allow them get too close cos people like this will definitely blackmail you if you don’t play along.

The Warm Hearts

These ones are naturally warm at heart. They are the “go to” in every office. They provide the warm desk for everyone that needs a breather, they are friendly and approachable but most importantly, they mind their business without kissing anybody’s ass. They’re not the way they are cos they want to please anyone; they’re just naturally so.

So, this is basically my observation from my years of working in different organizations. I know the type of office colleague I am; which category do you fall in? Comment below and if you have any other category you feel I didn’t talk about, feel free to share.

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Remember, this is my Frankly Speaking opinion.

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