The Moguls (Episode 4) 18+

18th February 2019

FSWG Series is part of my short Nigerian Fiction Stories. Read Episode 4 of The Moguls… Enjoy.

It felt like a dream. Mo had woken up feeling unusually energized. Well, he always woke up feeling energized whenever he was in the company of Black Tar. He had returned home past midnight and had used the guest bathroom downstairs to clean up properly before going upstairs to their bedroom.

Rasheeda was fast asleep but the moment she felt the coolness of his skin, she turned around facing him. She murmured sleepily,

“Hey… you’re back. How was your time out with the boys?”

He kissed her forehead before replying;

“Crazy fun as usual. But I missed you. Come here…”

He pulled her closer to his chest and shut his eyes to sleep. He was tired, spent and completely exhausted. He couldn’t even think of the pleasant surprise that Black Tar had prepared for him and his friends but it was indeed a crazy fun filled evening. But Rasheeda was fully awake now and beneath the duvet, he could feel her warm palm on his bare chest; roving around as if searching for something. He felt her thumb on his nipple and her gentle rub on the sleeping beast betrayed his exhaustion but he was bent on not doing anything with her. At least, not tonight. So he put his palm on hers and gently brought it to his lips. He kissed her knuckles gently and held on to her hand as he shut his eyes again but Rasheeda didn’t stop. He felt her warm wet tongue on his nipple again, slowly and lazily licking the sleeping knob to attention. His mind was responding to her familiar touches but his body betrayed him. What he needed was a deep sleep to help him regain strength. So again, he resisted by pulling back and when he felt her move closer to him, he held her back.

Even in the dimly lit room, he could see the plea in her eyes and it melted his heart but still his body betrayed him. Then he whispered gently,

“I’m so sorry babe, I’m super exhausted. Let’s do this tomorrow”

She whimpered, “but it’s been three long months and you haven’t even kissed me. I want you…” she trailed off as again, she brought her face closer to his and started kissing his forehead, his cheeks and then his lips but Mo held back. He just couldn’t.

“Sheeda please… a man’s tired and needs rest. I promise, tomorrow, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Rasheeda sniffed, struggling with the urge to cry but then knowing who she married, she knew she won’t win this one. So she got off the bed, picked up her nightie which she had left on the floor in a bid to look sexy in her one piece lingerie, and in her usually graceful manner, walked out of the room, not saying another word.


Mo didn’t sleep. He was worried. He wasn’t worried because he found it difficult to perform his conjugal duties to his wife, he was worried because of Rasheeda’s silence. She was taking everything too calmly and it scared him. True, he hadn’t been able to properly make love to her for the past three months. In fact, the last time they had sex, she had done all the work. She had done all she could to get him erect and he had struggled to enjoy the sex but he didn’t get any kick out of it. This wasn’t the first time. They weren’t really sexually active anymore and he knew the cause. It wasn’t Black Tar; it was just something else. Something he couldn’t control. Something he had tried to get rid of, do away with, suppress, eject and erase from his mind but, he just couldn’t.

He was still very much attracted to her. Like hell, Rasheeda is a sexy woman with one of the craziest sex appeal he had ever seen in a woman and even in her forties with two kids, she hadn’t lost it. She was hot with the snatched body of a model turned mom. She took religious care of her body as she hit the gym regularly and was always on a diet. Her skin felt like milk and glowed with years of invested beauty treats. Rasheeda was his pearl, one of his greatest achievements for a partner, wife and lover but still he just couldn’t make love to her as he should anymore but she had never really complained as she is naturally a calm woman who would never waste her voice complaining about anything. But it’s been three long months as she had said, why wasn’t she yelling at him already?


It was 3 am when Mo, tired of staring at the ceiling in deep thoughts, got off the bed and went in search of Rasheeda. He first went downstairs to check the kitchen but, she wasn’t there. He checked the guest room and met the cold chilliness of the place then it occurred to him that she’d be in the kids’ room. That was her haven whenever they had their little quarrels. So he went back upstairs to check on her.


She was on Kabir’s bed curved like a half moon without the duvet as a shield from the biting coldness of the room. The air conditioner was on full blast and when he walked into the room, he shivered. He quickly reduced the mean machine. He stood there watching her sleep for a moment, taking in her curvy figure in the pink lingerie. Then as if on impulse, he went to the bed and covered her with the duvet lying idly on the bedside velvet rug. He touched her thigh, trailing his fingers up to her arm. Her skin was so soft and memories of how he used to be so obsessed with this skin woke up his nerves. He bent down and planted soft kisses on her thigh and with his hands, he turned her hips, his face in between her thighs. For a moment, he inhaled the sweet scent of her moist female before allowing his tongue to find rest in her warmth.

He felt her moan sleepily and that sound alone unlocked something in him. With his teeth, he pulled down her lingerie and while his hands worked at dragging them down, his tongue began their sweet torture. He went in slowly at first but when her moans increased, he sucked fiercely as if seeking to draw rain. Yes he wanted the rain; he wanted her sweet slippery rain and when she was about to find her release, he quickly slide into her wet moistness, riding her harder than he intended to.

He could hear her panting and crying at the same time but he couldn’t tell if it was from the pleasure or the pain of it all. He felt her nails on his shoulders and like one who had been deprived from quenching his thirst with water, Mo asked savagely in a voice even he couldn’t recognize as his own;

“Is this what you want? Tell me… should I stop?”

Moaning really loudly now, Rasheeda replied, “Don’t stop! Please…don’t stop…”

“say it again, I want to hear you beg… tell me not to stop…” he said as raw as ever.

“Don’t stop…please baby…please…”

And before she could complete the last plea for her raging hormones, they both groaned together as they found their release.

The room became quiet.

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