26th September 2017
In continuation to my previous post about the fascinating novel, “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden, I wrote that I was going to do a comparison between the old time Japanese Geisha and the modern day Nigerian runs babe/olosho/ashewo. Ashewo and Olosho Meaning is yoruba name for prostitute. My source for the modern day Nigerian runs girl I won’t disclose. Sorry. So, here are my observations.
From the book, the Geisha was either a girl child sold into slavery or a legitimate girl child of an experienced and retired Geisha. This means that from the tender age of 9, that young girl has started her training to becoming a Geisha.


She would be sent to a dance school which she would attend till even when she turns into a full blown Geisha. She’ll also attend a music school where she learns to sing and play the “Sham…”  a stringed instrument like a guitar, to entertain her guests. She then attends another school where she learns to serve tea and drinks. And trust me, all of these lessons of the arts is not just to teach the girl comportment, carriage and manners, but to mainly groom her into building a sex appeal that can turn even the head of a stone.
olosho ashewo
Potential young girl being groomed as a Geisha

EDUCATION – Runs babe/Ashewo/Olosho

The modern day Nigerian runs babe on the other hand is also either a slave or a legitimate daughter with parents (dead/alive) who probably grew up in a normal or abnormal home but definitely not groomed by her guardians in the arts to learn the art of seduction. She probably went to school and learnt any other subject but not seduction. You see, this “Here” society sees that trade as a taboo.


Another observation I made is that, a Geisha’s identity isn’t a secret in the society because, they are all registered and, every tea house is aware of them and supports their trade. In fact, their earnings is calculated per hour by the Mistress of the house and the most popular Geisha charges the highest amount for her time. The good news for them is that, the entire society/town supports their trade because, everyone is a beneficiary to their trade and so the Geisha makes it a point of duty to be polite, friendly and generous to everyone she comes across else her trade could suffer from the spread of just one bad rumor against her.
Geisha’s Tea House

SOCIETY AWARENESS – Runs babe/Ashewo/Olosho

On the other hand, the modern day Nigerian olosho’s identity is a secret. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, they guise themselves during the day as CEOs of one beauty/fashion business or the other and then in the evening, they set out to meet their client. But the thing is, not everyone benefits from their “sales” but just the weave, makeup and clothes/shoes/accessories merchant because, that’s where most of their income finally rest. They need to keep up the look of sophistication and expensiveness so that their patrons would pay more. Some of them are polite while some of them are … Really saucy. And then the saucy ones literally look down their nose when addressing people because they feel too expensive to sneeze. This brings me to my next observation about the Geisha.


The Geisha’s dressing is very conservative even though at that time, according to the culture of her trade, she would use certain colors like red as a collar to her kimono to show she’s still an apprentice “a learner” or a white collar to show that she was now a fully experienced Geisha or, by revealing the upper section of her collar bone, to let on a bit of sexiness to the men who find that part of the Japanese’s woman’s body really erotic. For them, less means more!
olosho ashewo
Identifying Geisha’s (Red for apprentice, White for fully grown Geisha)

APPEARANCE – Runs babe/Ashewo/Olosho

While for the you know who’s, oh lord have mercy; MORE is MORE! Reveal it! Flex it! Work it! Shake it! Twerk it while you walk! They believe. “Let the men drool as you walk!” they want. And that’s how they do it when they set out to conquer the night. And some of them wear leg chains for identification too or a tatoo. On which part of the leg? I still haven’t figured out that part yet. Some don’t even wear the chains but their style is to go to every popular bar in town and inform the PR that they’re available for companionship to any lonely (WEALTHY) man. Then they would tip the person and as well drop their contact. Most of them work the regular jobs with organisations but live the lifestyle of millionaires as they always want to be up to date with the latest rides, gadgets and fashion.


Another startling observation I made is that, the Geisha is never regarded as a prostitute but an entertainer who gets paid handsomely to help exhausted and bored men to relax and have a good time. The men never sleeps with them else they’ll be seen as loose and cheap. The only man whom the society permits to sleep with her is her danna whom I explained about in my previous post. And they are only allowed a danna at a time because such a union is deemed sacred. Thus, the union could be a contract that’ll last for maybe 6 months or a year and then they’ll dissolve it. The danna’s wife will be fully aware of this union too but won’t be bothered cos she knows it’s a custom everyone knows about.
Geisha Performing

ENTERTAINMENT – Runs babe/Ashewo/Olosho

Our Nigerian ashewo on the other hand probably sleeps with all of her patrons for good cash. Only a hand few are lucky to get “thanks for coming” without sex. And of course, they’re seen as no entertainer but prostitutes or kept women. Their “danna” is referred to as “sugar daddy” and a “big” runs girl could have as many as 5-10 danna as she wants. For her, getting her needs met is paramount. So, she doesn’t care. Also, her relationship with her sugar daddy could start or end unceremoniously at anytime, secretly of course. Who dash her liver? Lol. The man’s wife could kill her and nobody will care.
frankly speaking with glory (fswg) ashewo
Geisha’s Danna




Whew! My fingers ache from typing but, what’s my point in doing this comparison anyways? I’m simply fascinated at how Arthur Golden has succeeded in making the life of a prostitute/kept woman really interesting, beautiful, and fascinating (just can’t stop using this word). However, I have my own reservations about these two lives but I won’t state it here. I will probably let it out someday on my YouTube channel, Frankly Speaking with Glory.
Right now, it’s drooping eyes, tired fingers, an aching back and more clicks to go down on my keyboard another day. Hey! I’ll love to read your comments. Fill me in on your thoughts below.
If you’ve had any experience so far, feel free to share yours in the comments section below. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION on my videos.


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