I’ve had a love hate relationship with Hollywood’s genius story teller, writer, director and producer Tyler Perry. My love for him started from the year of Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I can swear I’ve seen that movie a hundred times (I’m serious). I was smitten by Kimberly Elise who played the role of Helen and Tyler Perry’s alter egos of course, Madea and Joe. However, my love for Tyler waned when he started the Madea trend. I got bored. It was too much comedy coming from one source who wasn’t supposed to be too funny for me. I felt he had lost the Tyler’s magic until I started watching his series; Too Close to Home and I felt, “Ok… maybe he’s coming around” but I stll wasn’t convinced that Tyler Perry still had that magic that made him stand out until I watched his latest movie, ACRIMONY which he starred Empire’s no nonsense Queen, Tajaji P. Henson as well as other new faces.

When I saw the thriller, I knew I had to watch the movie. I just did finally and I’m pissed.
……………………Synopsis (from my point of view)

Acrimony is a movie about love gone sour, turned hate and vindictiveness. Tyler Perry tells the love story of two people whose relationship evolved from a young parasitical love to a toxic relationship. In the movie, we see how young Melinda, an average student invested her inheritance in advancing the dreams of her boyfriend, Robert. Robert is an orphan surviving on the grace of his school’s partial scholarship and as a young man who has nobody’s affection to survive on, he feeds off Melindas’.


Melinda on the other hand saw Robert as the Rock she never had in her Mom who died soon after they met. Thus, riding on the winds of gullibility and naivete she nurtured their relationship just as expected of any faithful and loyal spouse.

My general opinion about ACRIMONY
EVERYONE was selfish in the movie. EVERYONE is to blame for everything that happened in the movie.

My Thoughts About the Characters

MOVIE REVIEW (ACRIMONY by Tyler Perry) PT 1 - Frankly Speaking with Glory (FSWG)

MOVIE REVIEW (ACRIMONY by Tyler Perry) PT 1 – Frankly Speaking with Glory (FSWG)

MELINDA: I see her as a strong black woman who grew up before her time and even as a young woman who had lost the care of her not so encouraging Mom, she learnt quite too early to take care of not herself but another male human which was something alien to her. Her flaw is her anger and that led her to losing her womb when she took a death drive into Robert’s trailer house the night she caught him cheating on her.

I define Melinda’s love for Robert from the onset as gullible and naive. She proves her love for him in her own way by investing all the money she inherited from her dead parents and even her mother’s house in his “Battery” dream. It didn’t help that Robert knew her weakness and richly capitalized on it. All he had to do was to whine about something without asking directly and she would oblige him immediately. I feel like she was trying too hard to please him and in the process, she started playing the role of God in his life. Because she had the resources to assist him finish school, buy him a car (which I felt wasn’t necessary), and also carry the home when they got married.

Despite her Sister’s warnings about him being a gold digger who was using her to build his future, she stuck to him, believed in him, in his dreams and in their love.

In my opinion, Melinda is responsible for how she ended. LADIES! Allow your man to be The man! Let him provide for you and protect you as a man should. If you claim to be in a relationship with a man, you can only assist him to some extent but whilst doing that, don’t forget to encourage him to get a paying job. I feel like Melinda overdid it! Yes, she loved Robert, Yes she believed in his dreams but why did she wait for 18 years to get really mad again?  Why did she allow her sisters to talk down on her man? Her husband? She allowed them to disrespect him at at every opportunity they had without defending him outright. She allowed her sisters to trample on Robert’s ego just because he was unemployed and for me, that is inexcusable. Ladies, it is your responsibility to protect your man’s ego. You should never allow anyone talk down on your man cos a man’s ego is like his life. Once trampled, they become faceless.

The fact is, Melinda’s gullibility grew up with her and her marriage and after 18 years of working several jobs to support her husband, she allowed her sisters to influence her decision into divorcing him. I understand the fact that she was at her her wit’s end, she was spent and exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically. She had lost her youthful years in giving her all to the one man she loved, to saving her marriage and it didn’t help the fact that he wasn’t sexually attracted to her anymore despite all of her sacrifices for him. But my pain is, Melinda knew that Robert would never cheat on her again but she used her Sister’s accusation that  Robert was cheating on her with Diana as an excuse to kick him out of her house, her life. The question is, why did she wait that long to finally take a stand? Why did she stop believing in Robert?

But I still commend her character. Call her crazy, deranged, impatient, vindictive, evil and all what not, I feel her actions to some extent are justified. (Kill me but I won’t change my thoughts). Any woman who’s gone through what she went through could do worse. Some people would consider suicide and let’s not forget that she lost her womb in her self inflicted accident just two days after she bought him a new car worth over $300,000 as a young girl that she was and he was stupid enough to go cheat on her. So I totally understand why she lost her mind in the end.

Melinda lost everything via the influence of her sisters and her temper. It was tougher for her to deal with because, she lost out to the same woman that indirectly caused her to lose her womb in her self inflicted accident! And I know the question that would have been ringing in her head was, “Why her? Why did Robert have to marry Diana of all the women in America?”

Melinda had her faults but for me, she was strong. Not all women can hang in there. FRANKLY SPEAKING, Melinda was tough in character but weak at heart.

I’ll stop here and continue in my next post.
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