The night was still young according to Femi’s mental clock. Though it was already 12:00 midnight, Femi insisted that, that was the time for the fun to begin. He had given Daren a head’s up that 12 midnight was when the real fun seekers of Lagos came out. From Daren’s office, they had gone to Craft Gourmet for dinner, NOK for drinks and then Silver Fox for the peak of the night.

As they drove to Silver Fox, Daren tried to visualize what it would look like in his mind but he couldn’t. He had been to strip clubs in England and other cities around the world he had traveled to but it had been the same experience. The pretty girls, getting naked, acting all coy and dancing seductively, smiling invitingly, and baring it all on the pole, he had seen it all. He wanted to see something different, something fresh, something unexpected and different from the norm and he hoped he could see it tonight. So as they got to the gate, he noticed that the security men recognized Femi immediately from the way they greeted him. Femi had already made reservations so even when they got in and the place was crowded, they had their special table ready.


Daren fed his eyes. He was impressed and amazed that such a place existed in Lagos, Nigeria. The girls were all beautiful and well sculpted. They had on sexy lingeries and really high heels; the famous stripper’s heels that looked like mobile platforms that helped them find their balance when they walked. He liked the way they came to pay their respects to Femi and him in the famous stripper way. Every stripper is supposed to formally greet every guest with a smile and a handshake that stopped at the tip of the fingers. It was a flirty greeting that expressed that desire to give you a lap dance and also keep your table company all through the evening. So when they came to Daren and Femi’s table, Daren noticed that they smelled really nice and clean which was key for him. So he relaxed, sipping his drink and taking in the whole scenario.

He noticed that the dance stage for the strippers was round and almost split in two so there were two separate poles for them to dance. The strippers were graceful on the pole and their skill was almost like those of the strippers abroad but somehow, it felt so unreal. It felt like they were trying too hard to be sexy and foreign. He sighed and asked Femi,
“When will our people learn to be original?”
Femi who was obviously enjoying himself looked at Daren like he was weird before replying,
“I don’t understand Man. What do you mean?”
Daren took a sip of his drink before answering.
“Well,  I wasn’t expecting so much twerking. I don’t know. I just feel like I’m seeing the same thing I’ve seen before”
Femi rolled his eyes. Since Daren returned from England, he had become very difficult to please. He was always looking for the “original” in everything. So, he simply patted Daren on the back and said,
“Just enjoy the moment man! Just loosen up and enjoy the moment! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed anymore than you are now.

Daren shrugged slightly and hoped to enjoy the evening. He wasn’t feeling the whole display of nakedness. They’re good no doubt but, he just wasn’t feeling the part where they opened their veevee completely for everyone to see what’s in there. It’s supposed to be a “strip” club not a “hurry to show off your veevee club”. He felt like the girls were too in a hurry to show what was down there instead of taking their time to tease the customers, make them want more before going for the kill. His craving was wearing out and he wasn’t in the mood anymore so he switched his attention to his phone, with the loud erotic music teasing his mind and his senses.


Daren was fiddling with his phone at about 1:30am. He had fed his eyes with everything around him and it was still a case of the same ol’ same ol’. Though the music was great, he enjoyed the music more than the lap dances so he rejected any that was offered. Femi had even tried bringing the prettiest girl to him for a lap dance but he had declined then Femi excused himself and when he returned, he asked Daren to follow him to another section of the club.

There was a private room upstairs and Femi had paid for one and had asked the manager of the place to make Daren “Happy”. Daren had found it funny but he relaxed in the room anyways; happy to be away from all that unrealness to waiting for whatever surprise they had in store for him.

He waited ten minutes in the dimly lit room in sky blue, the ambiance was just right and there was slow music playing in the background. There was a single white vanity chair in the middle of the room and as he waited for whatever it was that would make him happy, he heard the door open slowly. Someone walked in. A girl. She had on just a simple black outfit; a black lacy lingerie with net sheer tights. She didn’t wear the regular stripper heels but she wore a face mask that concealed just her eyes but Daren could see her lips. They were small without lipstick but just gloss. Her hair was packed up in a ponytail and she had on black lacy gloves. She wasn’t light skinned; she was chocolate and lithe as a gazelle. When she walked, she wasn’t in a hurry, she walked slowly, almost afraid for her tiny feet to touch the plush rug on the floor and then gently, she sat on the lone chair in the middle of the room. Daren was intrigued and so he waited to see what would happen next.

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