21st January 2018

I’ve always loved great soul singers like Jill Scott (http://bit.ly/2BhsFY5), India Arie (http://bit.ly/2DnRnbb) and Beyonce (http://bit.ly/2G3o9Qr) even if their music sort of falls in the different genres of Jazz, Soul, and RnB. I love their lyrics, musical compositions and all but the icing on the cake is the soul in their music. When they sing, you can literally feel the life behind every word and somehow, the blend of strength and weakness in their voice gives a new definition of the power of music. Their musical ideologies are similar as well as they sing a lot about the black woman; the color of her skin, her love, her life, her pain, her needs, her wants, her style, her dreams, her hopes, her strength and her weakness.

Jill Scott sure does a good job emphasizing on “how to treat a woman right” in most of her

songs but Beyonce really hit the nail on the head with one particular track from her “I Am… Shasha Fierce”album (http://bit.ly/2DU9c2n). When I first listened to “If I were a boy” I was totally smitten by the freshness of the rhythm and the cool vibe of the song. It was totally different from Beyonce’s style. I loved the lyrics as well but I’ve never really given much thought about the lyrics until today.  Strange right?

In that song, Beyonce is pissed with the insensitive nature of boys/men towards (although, some say it was Jay Z) women and says that she’d rather be more attentive, understanding, loving and a better man which in my opinion is what most women want asides material things. So, I created my own list of things I would do if I were male.

  1. I’d be more sensitive not just for myself but for others
  2. I’d respect women
  3. I’d listen more and not just hear her talk cos I really want to understand her perspective
  4. I’d be considerate cos selfishness’s got many faces
  5. I’d be thoughtful. This is highly imperative cos I don’t know if I should call it ignoring the needful or plain ignorance but most guys could be really clueless about what women want and when they’re reminded, they call the woman a “nag”
  6. I won’t be quick to call a woman a hoe cos she refused to have sex with me but chooses to date my friend instead. After all, guys do it more often too.
  7. I won’t be too quick to label my girlfriend materialistic if she asks for cash after all, she doesn’t call me a fuck boy when I ask for sex
  8. I won’t encourage my woman to be all natural and then chase after chicks with fake extensions in hair, lashes, nails, bum, boobs, hips, and lenses. If I want her to wear the costumes, I’d gladly ask her to and not deceive her.
  9.  I’d defend her honour and not allow my friends or other people to talk down on her
  10. I’d play with her cos damn! some guys are just too stiff and unnecessarily too serious.
  11. I’d take her places. I won’t be ashamed of introducing her as my woman. I’ll mean it when I say it cos I won’t introduce other women in that manner.
  12. I won’t tell her “behave yourself in public” while I turn a loose cannon cos most men are guilty of this crime against female expression.
  13. I won’t subject her to the silent treatment. If we’ve got issues, we’ll talk about it or communicate in our own special way cos a lot of guys think that torturing a woman with silence would set her straight. Bad news is, it doesn’t and never will.
  14. I’ll help her and not make her struggle alone if there’s a challenge
  15. I’ll be faithful to her cos she knows I’m expecting her to do same
  16. I’d support her dreams and help her grow. I won’t see her success as a threat.
  17. I won’t be stingy with compliments.
  18. I won’t make her feel like I’m doing her a favour by dating/being married to her cos some guys thinks exactly this way. Jeez!
  19. I’d respect her time cos I won’t want her to disrespect mine.
  20. I’ll practice the rule of omission instead of lying endlessly cos I’ll definitely need another lie to cover the existing lie.
  21. Let her past remain there, I won’t go digging and I won’t use any of what I know about her against her cos I’ve got my own past too. Heck! everyone’s got a story to tell.
  22. I won’t make stupid promises I know I won’t keep.
  23. I won’t just tell her but I’ll show her that I love her cos sometimes, words are dust if they’re not backed up with proof.
Of course, I won’t turn into a saint cos I’m not; I’m not perfect in that way but from my survey, these are some basic things that women want from their men. So, if you have anything contrary to this, please feel free to share in the comments section below. If you’re a guy reading this and you feel there are things you’d do better if you were a girl, also feel free to state them in the comments sections below.

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