15th January 2020

Experiencing MyYa’s Cafe is like teleporting yourself to a refined coffee space in London except the difference is, your wallet will come out smiling with gratitude to you for not spending too much. I honestly still can’t believe that I’ve found a preferred alternative to cafe neo Lagos or any other cafe around. FYI; MyYa’s Cafe is one of the coffee shops in Lagos located at No. 6 Emma Abimbola Cole Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.

It all started with my search for things to do in Lagos Nigeria. You see, I was born and raised in Lagos but asides visiting some of the restaurants in Victoria Island, I haven’t really allowed myself that opportunity to explore that much. Regardless of the fact that living in Lekki should have made it easier for me to check out new places on the Island of Lagos, I’m more of a social recluse. So this is why the first thing I said when I stepped into MyYa’s Cafe was NOTHING. I was literally speechless and wowed beyond words. In my head; “I’ve found my safe haven” kept ringing in my head. Fact is, I haven’t seen any or many coffee shops in Lagos like this before. The first thing I felt was the ambiance; it wasn’t home but it felt like home. I felt secure and shielded somehow, from the brutality of the Lagos traffic.


MyYa's Cafe - one of the coffee shops in Lagos Lekki Phase 1

MyYa’s Cafe Space in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

MyYa's Cafe - one of the coffee shops in Lagos Lekki Phase 1

The MyYa’s Cafe space is simply mind blowing and if you’re a lover of the rustic decor, then it’s certainly for you. As you can see from the photos I posted, it has glass all around standing tall,  all the way up and the most interesting thing is, the doors and the window are sound proof. This means that if you’re looking for a work space that’s serene and quiet, then MyYa’s Cafe  is definitely for you. One of the perks I enjoyed there while working on my blog was the FREE WIFI. Unbelievable! In this Nigeria where data is like gold? Trust me, I automatically made this place my second home (abi who no like better tin?) The surrounding environment is epic and really picture perfect for selfie lovers.

Another interesting fact is, I was informed that the space is available for meetings, book readings, birthday celebrations, small parties etc so if you’re looking for that private space to do your deal without the usual crowd at other lounges or places in Lagos, MyYa’s Cafe is available for you.  

Me at one of my favourite coffee shops in lagos (lekki phase1)


So the first thing I noticed about MyYa’s Cafe is, it’s a coffee shops in Lagos (Lekki Phase1) and I learned that their coffee beans is specially harvested and produced from the rich soils of Kenya. Lovers and Barristers of coffee actually claim that Kenya produces one of the world’s best coffee hence the reason the smell is aromatic and pleasant to the senses. I had the Frappe and it was divine! Another thing that got me hooked is their waffles. You see those waffles, hmmm…words can’t explain how flavorful and silky in texture they taste. The way they melt on your tongue is simply incredible. Topped up with either whipped creme, caramel, chocolate or maple syrup is an entirely different experience of it’s own. I actually prefer honey on my waffles. “wink”.

Myya's Cafe

MyYa’s Cafe Regular Frappe

MyYa's Cafe - one of the coffee shops in Lagos Lekki Phase 1

MyYa’s Cafe – one of the coffee shops in Lagos Lekki Phase 1


Their menu is actually quite interesting as they serve from coffee to tea, smoothies, shakes, cocktails, mocktails, sandwiches, parfait etc. In fact, if you’re searching for a spot to always have your complete English breakfast in Lagos, check this out.

MyYa's Cafe Menu

MyYa’s Cafe Menu

I must confess; for a cafe that looks this good, the prices are really commendable as they’re quite affordable for the average individual to treat themselves. Impressive!


This is one thing I always look forward to whenever I visit MyYa’s Cafe.  From the way the staff handle my requests as a customer, to the way my food/drink is prepared, it’s got professionalism written all over. I can’t even complain. The 100% for me comes from the fact that they are very friendly, helpful and very professional. In order to make me a part of the family, I was given a customer’s LOYALTY CARD which has about 5 markings so on my 6th visit, my coffee or smoothie will be served FREE. “Honestly, I’ve had my freebie already. lol”


I was given a new title the first time I played a game of Ludo at  MyYa’s Cafe Yes! They called me “Queen of Ludo” lol. It’s funny but it was a pleasure playing against other customers I met there and beating them to their numbers so I thought out loud; “why don’t you guys have a games night so that I can compete with others?” and they informed me that they already had a “Games Night” which happens every Wednesday evening from 5 pm. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was how I became a regular. I mean, my life’s no longer reclusive. 

But really, it wasn’t about the food because, I’m not much of a foodie even though the food is great but the AMBIANCE has got my personality written all over it and for me, that’s a space of escape for my busy mind. 


Go to MyYa’s Cafe and thank me later.


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