9th October 2020


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You said, you said. It’s not a gift. Hey guys and welcome back to my YouTube channel. My name is GLory Elijah and this is Frank Speaking with Glory. I’m just gonna go straight to the point. I’m gonna hit the nail on the head. This video is meant to enlighten everyone on what’s going on currently in Nigeria. If you go on to social media, you would see the #ENDSARS protest Now. The protest started earlier this week in other states in Nigeria in Delta states. On Thursday the protest started in Lagos State now guys um a lot of people are confused as to what is going on.


I’m going to explain all of that on this video now most people do not understand what SARS means or what they stand for now is an acronym for the “Special Anti Robbery Squad”. Yeah, it is a faction of the Nigerian Police Force. It is a unit of the Nigerian Police Force. now guys. I’m not gonna lie to you prior to a few years ago, I had no idea what is all about. I had no idea what their job is. I had no idea what they are all about when I started hearing about is when they started harassing a lot of young people now let me tell you what your crime could look like for to harass you for those of you that do not know I don’t know when my when I dress my fashion statement has become.

If you are wearing even a very expensive human hair as a woman, they would harass you. they will call you is they will call you a 419 and they will call you a person, a person that is someone that is involved in internet fraud. If you are a young child and you are carrying dreadlocks would stop you on the road. They will beat you up. They will harass you and sometimes they might take you to unknown locations to harass you there. You are threatening you and the only way they are going to allow you free is if you transfer money to their account.

If you are a young person in Nigeria and you are driving a good car. when I say a good car, I mean a very expensive car. when they see you, they will stop you on the road. They will arrest you and do likewise. if you are wearing a designer outfit, you’re wearing gold chains. you are just looking flashy living your best life to the point of even using an Iphone they will stop you on the road wherever they see you wherever they find you they will stop you they will arrest you and then they would make sure that they collect money from you if they do not get money from you they will take you to police station or wherever and they would hold you there on to you are able to give them money now guys as I said prior to all of these I had no idea whatsoever you know what this SARS units are suppose to be doing in Nigeria I know the already we are They’re going a lot of police brutality in this country.


The reason why Nigerians are protesting is because last week there was a video going around online. I think it was last week Friday. There’s a viral video of a young man was inside Uber with his brother or his friend. But there were two young men inside that Uber. so the Uber man I don’t know the Uber man was probably working with SARS and then he tipped them off. He called SARS and told SARs that he was carrying Yahoo Yahoo boys in his car When I say “your boys” guys have explained that probably means potential international stars in his car. Why because I think one of this young man was carrying dreadlocks. so that was how came and they were forcing this guy into the car guy. That was how they took away that young man. It was later the next day that this young man you know, put out a long thread of tweets now, according to him. They took him to an unknown location. They stopped the car. Yeah, and then they threatened him that they were going to kill him and nobody will find out except he gives them the sum of 100,000 naira and this young man kept on trying to convince them that listen. I am a young innocent person. I did not do anything wrong at the end of the day they extorted of this young man 100,000 naira there because after forcefully trying to get him to pay money, this guy kept on telling them that he does not have money. They took them to an ATM followed him to the ATM and stood there and waited for him to withdraw the 100,000 naira from the ATM machine. It was after he gave them the money that they allowed them to go free guys.


In Delta State, a young boy carrying dreadlocks wearing big shirts was walking on the streets and that was how they stopped him and arrested him at the end of the day. They shot him and killed him after killing him. They drove off and left. This is not the first time this is happening this is only going viral because a lot of people are becoming more aware of what is going on this thing has been going up for a long time that same last week this SARS unit went to Computer village in Ikeja Lagos, Computer village is one of the largest electronics and should I say technological markets in Nigeria they sell all sorts of gadgets telephones laptops whatever gadget you are looking.  The SARs unit went to one of the shops and wanted to arrest one of the young men there doing his daily hustles and that was how everybody at the market stood up to them and protesting against them and those mad people were shooting into the crowd. I’m giving you guys a background of what is going on in Nigeria. So as I’m talking to you guys today and every other day since last week, Nigerians have been protesting in Abuja in Delta State all over.


This is a very serious problem that we are facing as I mentioned earlier in this video, you don’t even have to do anything to be harassed by SARs just look good and drive a good car. We have some bling blings or carry an iPhone six seven eight nine whatever ten just carry an iPhone as long. Iphone these people go to the extent of stopping you on the road when they see you driving a nice car they will collect your phone and they start operating your phone looking at your private text messages. For crying out loud your phone is meant to be your private property I do not see any reason I do not understand why people who themselves riding on the authorities of the law should stop me in my own ride as a citizen of this country or stop any other person and then collect my phone from me when I am operate my phone why there is absolutely no freaking reason for any of that.

Over three years ago on Instagram live with the Inspector General of police of Nigeria and the police said they are going to ban SARs from going around and from doing stop and check they banned them from stopping people guys. After that, as that Instagram live was going on that very day, they were terrorizing people on the streets. so the point I’m trying to make in this video is and as being a social media person, Nigerian youths are angry people are going out into the streets to protest in person in physical because we have had enough just sitting there and yet they are telling God that are not. The scary thing is you are not even sure of going out from the hours of what is even night, even during the day, terrorize people, you are not even sure of going out because when you go out one set of crazy delusional, people will stop you will harass you would even go to the point of beating you up guys.


There are so many horrifying videos on the internet that I don’t even wanna put on here because it’s going to irritate you guys. I’ve seen videos guys. I’ve downloaded a lot of videos where these people they’re talking to young people’s. Doing nothing and then you’re going there and then they start firing shooting these people. It does not make any sense. The country is hard enough. We just went through a very rough five or 6 months of being on a lock down from this Corona virus pandemic, and then just as if these people are waiting to be unleashed like animals from their cage, they would not even allow people to have a breather to find their feet and get themselves back into society. They are out again on the loose. Some brave Nigerian youths you know they went out last night to an area in Lagos. They went to protest and then guess what happened, they put off all the street lights in the area. Why because they wanted these people to be left in darkness aside that the tents and the canopies that these people used to set up camp, so they could continue that protest this morning, some armed police officials they came and they destroyed all those canopies and all those tents and then they they cock your guns like they were gonna shoot.


This is the sort of country we live in this is the sort of nation we are living in where things are biting us as a citizen. Things are killing us and then they do not want us to talk. They do not want us to speak the point of doing this video guys is to let people understand that this is what is going on. This is what is going on Nigerians are tired of carrying out online protest at the end of the day. We sign some digital petitions and then the government makes it seem as if they’ve heard but they are not listening they are not doing anything about it. This is a message to everybody out there people are protesting the protest has contined today if you are farther away that you can make your voice heard by our social media by tag the necessary authorities. Send out messages if you can come out.


Another thing that is actually really irritating me is people saying that we do not need celebrities to carry out their protest. This is a society where they do not reach even the common man. Nobody reach the common man. If you are not a public figure, people do not listen to you. People do not pay attention when you talk and that is the reason why a lot of people are calling out to celebrities people that have a public figures, people that are recognized in the society. That’s what people are calling out to those people to join the protest to join the protest in whatever form in whatever manner whether online or offline to join the protest because as of yesterday these set of celebrities they went out to protest. Imagine if those celebrities were not amongst the crowd that went out to protest. Do you know what would have happened? I’ll give you a scenario of what would have happened. They would have been shot and killed. Just yesterday in Delta because no single celebrities was amongst the crowd of people that went to protest at the police station and they shot a young boy. This young boy is not even up to the age of fifteen they shot him in the leg. It’s a very graphic video. I don’t wanna post it on here because it’s gonna set your mind guys.


This is what is happening in this country. Enough is Enough. We don’t want to see such things happening anymore and to all our Nigeria celebrities out there who are busy posting pictures and ignoring the fact that this is the reality that is happening right now. we are waiting for such a thing to happen to you. When it happens to you. You’ll be the first person to come on to social media and come and cry foul, but now as the youth we are crying out, we are using every medium that we have to sing out our frustrations that we are tired of terrorizing us of killing us like animals of killing us like goats like waste on the street. We are tired of police brutality. This is the time for this to stop. We do not want the government to tell us. Oh they’ve instructed to stop searching people. No, we want them to be completely disbanded. They are terrorizing us. They have been terrorizing over the past 5 years. We are tired. We do not want to go that kind of stress. There’s so much to be stressed out about in Nigeria. We have no educational system. The economy is horrible, so we have enough to deal with that to come and start dealing with some uniformed men who do not know their job who do not understand when they should stop terrorizing people.


We want a complete ban of that unit. We are tired. We are fed up. We are tired of being killed like animals if they say that Nigerian youths are the leaders of tomorrow and the future of tomorrow, I’m sorry to say, but the future is being caught off right now. We are done. We need everybody to raise their voices All Nigerian Media and Nigeria TV channels. We are tired of you reporting US International News. Please kindly reports the protest going on let the government sees so that they will not say Oh, we do not know what is going on. Anyone that has a public voice rise up to the occasion you use your office. use your position to raise your voice to this societal terror.

We’re tired.

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