14th October 2017

This post is prompted by the annoying chats I receive everyday on Facebook and Instagram. If you’ve been following my YouTube channel, you’ll notice that I’ve done a video addressing social media already thus, you’ll perceive that I’m really passionate about those platforms. Why? you may ask. I’ll list my reasons.


  1.  Social media is the new media (with just one click, you can reach the world away)
  2. Social media has come to stay
  3. In as much as it’s a fun platform, it’s also a business zone if used rightly
  4. You could make your first millions on social media (not 419 money o!)
  5. Social media is like my temporary mobile office (I move with it every where)
For these major reasons, I don’t joke with social media. However, it saddens me to see that a lot of people don’t know how to utilize these social media platforms especially in initiating conversations. For instance, on Facebook, I get messages like ” Hi” almost everyday, from the same set of people and numerous others. Other times, it could be “What’s up babe?” (seriously dude?!). Another set of people could go like, “I love you” (I die a thousand deaths when I get these). Others could take the rude and arrogant path after sending hundreds of HIs and HELLOs for months or a year without getting any response from me. They’ll be like, “You’re a bitch!”, “you’re forming for me abi?” and I’ll be like WTF? you don’t even know me nigger or bitch or whatever you are. Truth is, when I then finally attend to one of the Hi somebody, the conversation usually goes thus,
Me: Hello! you’ve been hitting me up. What’s up?
Them: cool. U?
Me: I’m alright. So, how may I be of assistance?
Them: Where do you live? Are you based in Lagos?
Me: Lagos yes.
Them: I’ll like to be your friend. I like you.
Me: Okay… but we’re friends already on Facebook here.
Them: Yes but I love you. Can we see?
Me:  BLOCK. 
End of story.
Someone on one occasion sent me a nude picture. Who does that on a first chat?! I clicked delete and block immediately. I’m not a chat snob but here’s what I’ll rather do if I wanted to chat with someone I admired on social media. I’ll send a polite message first in this nature and wait for their reply.
Me: Hello Sir/ Ma’am. My name is Glory Elijah, a blogger and a YouTuber at Frankly Speaking with Glory. I’ve been following your updates on this platform for a while now. I must admit, you’re really an amazing personality and great at what you do too. I totally admire you for that. I hope to get to meet you in person in the nearest future and hopefully do a few projects with you. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the very best. Cheers!
I bet you, messages of goodwill like this to people we admire on social media will be received with heartfelt gratitude Though, some people could be naturally terrible but who doesn’t love some dose of cheerfulness?. More so, you’ll be seen as a responsible and serious minded individual who is ready for business and networking not as a leech but as one who hopes to be an added value to another’s career. Even if you need help/assistance, a message like that won’t imply that you’re begging for money or to join the person’s circle of friends, but would rather imply that, you’ve got something to offer. That way, you’ve caught your idol’s attention!
So, here are some tips on how to chat on social media with strangers.
  1. Never leave a “hi, or hello”. Send a greeting and a brief introduction first.
  2. Politely state your reason for initiating the conversation
  3. Don’t be too forward by asking the person questions
  4. Allow the person to absorb your own information first
  5. When the person replies, make the tone of your messages harmless and not forceful cos everyone’s security conscious these days.
  6. Allow them express themselves too if they’re willing to chat. Don’t be too controlling of the conversation.
  7. Go straight to the point. Keep it short and simple instead of beating around the bush. Everyone’s too busy for unnecessary chit chats.
  8. Make reference to the person’s work or service or activity on that platform that caught your interest (if any) and throw in some compliments
  9. End the chat on a hopeful note for more future conversations and you might likely get to be in that person’s network.
  10. NEVER beg for anything on a first chat. That’ll create a wrong impression of you except that person doesn’t mind but that happens on rare occasions.
  11. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.
I hope this helps all ye senders of Hello and hi on social media. God bless you as you change your chat strategy with this and hopefully, we could meet in person in the nearest future. LOL
Click on the link below to check out my video on Emotional Intelligence on Social Media on my YouTube Channel
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