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The Moguls (Episode 3)

“Black Tar walked slowly, unhurriedly like one who had knowledge of the fact that delay heightened the expectation of what was to come and as one who knew how to capitalize on Mo’s dislike for delay…

The Moguls (Episode 2)

“He couldn’t wait anymore so he excused himself from his friends and left for the gents. In the gents, he brought out his phone, scrolled down to his call history and dialed “Black Tar”. It rang several times but no one picked. He called three more times but still there was no response then he dialed the same number with his other phone and there was a blip from the other end. He sighed to control his breathing and then without formalities, he started talking…

The Moguls (Episode 1)

“He picked up his phone to check the time; it was past midnight and just as he was about placing it back in the bedside drawer, it started vibrating again. He checked the caller ID, it was the same caller.

He sighed and switched off the phone. He wasn’t ready for business, not today. He turned back to cuddle Rasheeda, this time, he buried his nose in her hair and inhaled the sweet scent of home.”


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