In the morning,  Mila’s eyes were swollen. She checked her bedside clock and realized that it was only 4 am. However, she got up from her bed and walked to the mirror on her dressing table. Her room was quite spacious, with a built in wardrobe that came with a separate shoe rack, a medium sized bed with a fancy head post, and then her toilet and bathroom. She stood in front of her mirror staring at herself in her one piece nightie, then she turned on her little stereo to listen to Birdy’s “Skinny Love” which she put on replay. The melancholic feel of the song engulfed her and she didn’t realize when her feet buckled under the weight of her sadness and she found herself on the floor of her room, weeping heavily and shaking with grief. She felt cheated. Kumbi had lied about being pregnant again cos her baby would only be about 5 or 6 months old. She had lied to cause Mila more pain and it had worked. She wept more, allowing the music to purge her drenched soul of all it’s grief. When she had had her fill of crying, she checked the time again. It was 5 am now so she stood up, went to the kitchen, took some ice from the fridge and wrapped it in a face towel for her swollen eyes, went back to her room and laid back again in bed with the towel to her eye lids. “Thank God it’s Friday” she thought as she promised herself a sleep filled weekend ahead.


Work was the same as usual. The pressure was the same, Mr. Duke was breathing fire on everyone’s neck, and lunch was fifteen minutes instead of thirty minutes. Simi had noticed Mila’s gloom the moment she settled into her seat to resume work. She had hugged Mila from behind without saying anything else before going back to her own task. That touched Mila so much that she looked over at Simi, gave her a warm smile and mouthed a “Thanks” to her. Simi reciprocated with “You’ll be alright Mila” before turning back to her work.

After the close of work, Mila as usual stayed till about 8 pm with Beyonce’s “Disappear” playing through her speakers. She decided to stay late again so she wouldn’t have to come during the weekend. The company’s security unit were already accustomed to her staying late and thus ensured she left before they locked up the building.


Mila was walking to the bus stop to catch a public bus. She had decided not to take any chances again by waiting for a cab outside the office building. Then she saw a car, a white range rover. It stopped in front of her; then the driver came out and started walking towards her with brisk steps. She stood still in shock. It couldn’t be! It was Tunji Jacobs and he looked athletic and as handsome as ever in a white polo T shirt, brown combat shorts and red sneakers. Mila couldn’t move and she didn’t realize she had held her breath until he seized her into a suffocating hug.

They stood that way for a while and when Mila gently pushed him away to look at him and bombard him with the millions of questions that had been plaguing her, he covered her mouth with his. It wasn’t a deep kiss, it wasn’t a french kiss either. It was just enough to swallow her doubts of the moment. Then Tunji pulled away slowly and then taking her by the hand, he said to her,

“Please, come with me”

Wordlessly, Mila obeyed not because he had commanded her but because his eyes which had become cloudy with emotion, beckoned to her soul and who was she to refuse a long awaited yearning? She followed him to his car and silently, they drove off. No need for words, each knew what was needed to seal the void of the past three months and one week.


They arrived his apartment after having to pass through security. Tunji got out of the car first and then took swift steps to open her door for her before she did it herself. He swiped his key card over the security lock of the door and led her into his mansion before shutting the door again. The house was so huge, Mila was again shocked. It almost looked like Christian Grey’s apartment in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. This was a complete glass house and because it was night time, the view was breath taking.

Tunji led her up the stairs and opened the door to a dimly lit room of the five different rooms she was able to quickly count. Mila watched as if in a trance, as he took her hand bag from her, dropped it on a couch in the room, then led her to the king sized bed with white sheets to sit. He went on one knee and gently removed her kitten heels. Still in the same position, he unbuttoned her jean and carefully pulled it down her waist till he removed it, then he stood again taking her with him. Slowly, he removed her nude v necked cotton top over her head. Suddenly, she felt exposed and raised her hands to cover her chest but he gently removed them and stood staring at her with heated eyes, taking in the details of her body. She couldn’t meet his eyes so she looked down at her feet but he touched her face softly and raised her face to look at him.

Through the soft light in the room, Mila could see that his eyes were focused on her body. She couldn’t understand his fascination with her body cos she wasn’t big in any ramification. She was in fact a size 32B cup with a 32 hip width . She wasn’t really curvy or voluptuous; though, her slim frame made her look tall.

Tunji moved back a bit and with his unwavering gaze still on her, he began to undress in his usual relaxed manner, leaving his boxer on. Her mouth watered as she stared at his perfectly sculpted body, fresh and hard. ‘This is a real man made by the Creator himself!” she said in her head. Finally, he offed his shoes and moved close to her again, staring down at her for he was at least an inch taller than her. This time, Mila raised her lips to his and kissed him in a slow and lazy way cos she was weak from all the emotions of the previous day. She tasted his lips first, then loving the taste, she went ahead to explore the strange depths of his passion for her. Tunji allowed her to search, find and drink in his feelings for her then when he felt her hands on his neck and his face, he drew her to him and then lifted her off the floor.

His mouth not leaving hers, he carried her to the bed, placed her gently on the soft welcoming tides of the sheets,  then he lay beside her before pulling the cool soft duvet over them. He gently stopped the kiss. They lay facing each other, trying to control their breaths none saying anything but Mila had a pleading expression on her face that said she wanted more. Tunji understood but instead; he hugged her, allowing his fingers to caress her back while whispering,

“Oh God Mila! I missed you. Not seeing you these past months has been hell”

“You left. You said one week and then you were gone for three months and a week. You never called or texted.” Mila whispered with a voice filled with pent up emotions as well cos she was overwhelmed by the moment and she had so much to say, to be angry about but she just couldn’t say them all. Her face was pressed to his neck, so she kept inhaling the sweet scent of him

“I’m so sorry. A lot of things happened that made me stay back. With time, you’ll know.”

With that, he released her from his hold and kissed her, deeply this time, taking and giving. He left her mouth and with his tongue, explored her body like it was a sacred ground to be worshipped. Her ears weren’t left out. He moved to one of them and slid his tongue around the crevices and then her lobe. This sent maddening currents of sensation to her brain, making her run her hands over his head and his back.With her soft moans spurring him on, he unhooked her bra and using his fingers, his tongue and his lips, he pleasured her already taut nipples in ways she had never experienced before. Because her eyes were closed, Mila was shocked when she felt his warm fingers travel lazily from her legs up to her waist, removing her panties. She felt Tunji’s wet slippery tongue sliding up the inside of her thighs, licking and kissing sensitive areas she never knew existed before and then her female. She felt shock waves around her waist that shot up through her spine and then straight to her brains when Tunji’s tongue found harmony with her wet moistness. She squirmed and turned and panted for air like she was drowning in ecstasy, digging her nails into the soft pillows cushioning her head for anchor, but Tunji didn’t let go. He held her in place and continued, enjoying her breathless moans and when he tasted the sweet nectar of her female and felt her go weak, he moved up to her mouth again fanning the embers of her desires.

He skilfully wore his second skin and when he tried going through her she gave a small cry of pain. He tried again and the same thing happened then he decided to stop but Mila held on intertwining her legs around his waist. He gave a questioning look if she was sure she wanted to continue and she nodded. He stretched towards the side drawers for a lubricant and once applied, they both moaned and groaned with contentment at their union. They held on to each other like each might fall if they let go and then in sync, they started the ride. Looking deep into her eyes as if trying to read the look of wonder and amazement there with both their fingers locked, Tunji rode deeper as if trying to touch her essence. They continued; slowly at first and then Tunji increased the tempo of his thrusts and when he felt his eruption coming, he gave a loud groan before burying his face in Mila’s hair gasping for air and Mila felt her own release like an earth quake, causing her to tremble all over.

They both held on like that and as realization of the just concluded consummation dawned on them, they hugged their thoughts close to their heart just as they hugged each other, jelled as one.

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