20th November 2017
The night Tunji bared it all out to Mila was a night she would always remember with a smile on her face. She had as well apologized for giving him a hard time and when he had asked about Bode, she had laughed really hard but assured him that Bode was just a nice person who had taken care of her mental health in London. They had made up and for Mila, the best part of the night had been the intimacy they had shared. Not through sex but, they had laid on bed, wrapped in each other’s cloak of love, comfort, and silence that sealed it all. And when sleep came, it needed no preamble to settle on their lids.


Resumption at work started on a good note for Mila and as usual, there were new projects to handle, new pitches to prepare for new contracts and two new interns to supervise. It was going to be a hectic start to the new year but Mila was glad about it. For her, it meant more responsibilities as well as more experience in directing people. Tunji was also deeply immersed in work. He kept on having series of meeting that required him to go on several trips to Abuja and the US but they were in touch almost everyday as he ensured he called her most nights.

He had also given Mila a spare key to his house and a key to¬† a Toyota car that looked too sleek to even leave his garage that was concealed beside the house. She had learnt how to drive during her service year but had never really put to practice what she had learnt. She kept the keys anyways as she wasn’t ready yet to go to the house. She would go that weekend to rest as it was already the middle of February and work had been mighty intense. She would go and unwind there.


It was Saturday evening and Mila was alone in the huge house because Tunji still wasn’t back from his trip to the US. She had tried calling him the previous night but his line wasn’t reachable so she had invited his Chef, Mark earlier in the day to come and teach her to prepare some of Tunji’s favourite delicacies and it had been fun. She had urged him to stay a bit more but he had declined for Tunji did not like too much hovering around of his domestic staff. He usually paid them to come do their job and then leave him to his space. So Mila decided to watch some movies before calling it a night.

She was deeply engrossed in “Breaking Dawn”, a movie she had seen several times when she heard the door open gently and someone walked in. The sound of the steps didn’t sound familiar but Mila who was surprised that Tunji must have returned unexpectedly hurried to the door to see who had come into the house. She was so shocked she almost tripped when she saw the familiar white skin, long legs, blonde hair, sparkling dark eyes and nude lipstick on perfectly shaped lips that had a mischievous smile on, all held together in a plain green tank top and bum shorts. It was Lily, Tunji’s ex wife.

Lily stood at the door looking around like she didn’t notice Mila’s presence then, as if satisfied that she was in the same old house she used to know, she walked past Mila into the living room. Mila turned around, following her with her eyes and her mind doing a million calculations about what to do or say. Lily had gone straight to the shelves on the wall and had brought out the same photo album Mila had almost looked through last year. She opened it and giggled at the first photo before raising up her head to look at Mila for the first time. Her deep dark eyes smouldered Mila making her feel small and Mila cringed at what she saw on Lily’s face. She saw pure hatred.

Lily moved a step towards her and said calmly but icily;

“Hello Mila”

Mila, all short of words could only manage,

“Lily, you shouldn’t be here”

Lily smiled, revealing a perfect dentition as she said “Oh! he told you my name. I want to presume he told you everything as well right?” she raised one of her perfectly arched brow in question.

Mila tried to release a shaky breath “Yes, Tunji did”

Lily moved closer to Mila and as if under her spell, Mila didn’t move. Lily stood in front of her talking;

“I see. Let me guess, he told you that I’m Lesbian, that I cheated on him, that I refused to sign our divorce papers, that I moved to America even when we were newly wedded…and all that crap?” she raised her other brow dramatically in question again

Mila was sweating on her forehead now despite the coolness of the room. She was shocked that Lily knew all what Tunji had told her and she asked carefully picking her words with her eyes narrowed.

“How would you know if he said all of that?”

Lily raised her long slender fingers to Mila’s face and trailed the outline of her jawline to the nape of her neck, sending shock waves of fear down Mila’s spine and resting her palm there before responding.

“Let’s say I know because, I am truly gay and fragile ones like you turn me on” she paused searching Mila’s face for any reaction but Mila looked calm then she continued; “And, on the other hand, I’m pretty much possessive. Even if I’m not really a fan of the masculine phallus, I love to have them for keeps. Tunji is a rare breed. He loves hard just like he works hard and it used to give me the utmost pleasure to have him drool at my feet until you came along” Her hand tightened around Mila’s neck and her sharp nails pierced deeply into Mila’s skin. Taken unawares by this move of violence form Lily, Mila screamed in pain and struggled to be free.

Lily shouted at her,

“Why did you come into our life Mila? You spoilt everything! I had him where I wanted until you came along! Why are you here?!”

Mila ckoked on her words as she replied,

“Oh please…stop…you’re hurting…me…Lily… please…”

“Really? You think this is enough hurt? Well, maybe, just maybe if Tunji had allowed me have you that night, I probably would have played nice”

She used her other hand to tear the pink cotton top Mila was wearing and as she tried using both hands to drag Mila’s white pantie, Mila pushed her off and ran up the stairs to Tunji’s room. She locked the door and removed the key when she heard Lily’s footsteps coming after her then she started looking for her phone but she realized that she had left it on the couch in the living room. She crumpled to the floor and started crying. Lily didn’t look like a psycho but she certainly was one. She heard Lily at the door laughing crazily and then she froze when she heard a key swipe against the lock and the door opened. Lily entered the room and Mila scrambled to her feet, bringing her hands together in front of her as if in supplication but Lily shook her head and said,

“The exciting thing here is your ignorance Mila. You forget I lived here too. I have the keys to every room in this house and Tunji’s heart of course” she walked seductively to Mila and Mila went around the bed away from her but she followed cooing like a mother hen to her chic.

“Come on Mila, I just want to feel you. I want to have a taste of what you give to Tunji. At least, you owe me that much for stealing my man” she said sweetly

Mila was so irritated about the whole scenario that she shouted at Lily.

“I owe you nothing bitch! Tunji was done with you a long time ago!And I don’t do women so leave me the fuck alone!”

This enraged Lily and she lunged at Mila like a wild cat in hot pursuit of a scared rat.

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