13th November 2017
Coming back to Nigeria was sort of huge relief for Mila. No doubt; she had had fun and enjoyed being spoilt by the first class hospitality of the Cokers especially from Simi and Bode but somehow, she longed for Lagos. She longed for her job as well for in her job, she found solace. If she threw herself into it’s intensity, she might succeed in getting her mind away from all of these plaguing thoughts about Tunji. She still hadn’t read or even replied his messages. She still wasn’t ready to. She already knew what he would say.

He would say that he was sorry for hurting her. His apology would not be for not telling her that he was married, it would be for getting caught in the act of being deeply in love with his wife. He would be explaining himself from so many angles but it would all still bore down to one thing; he was married. And, there was no point in listening to whatever he had to say cos it wouldn’t lead anywhere. It wasn’t like he would leave his wife for her and the good Lord knows that that wasn’t what she wanted. No way! She wasn’t a home breaker and has never planned to be one. What happened with Nathan was a mistake but with Tunji, it was complete naivete and stupidity on her on part.

How naive could one be at the age of 25? Why didn’t she ask Tunji the right questions? He was a 36 year old CEO with everything any human could ask for to live a comfortable life. Why did she ever think that he wouldn’t have a girlfriend, fiancee or wife somewhere? “Oh Mila, you got served” Mila pinched herself for the hundredth time. She looked out the window of the aircraft, enjoying the beautiful display of the clouds gathered together as if acknowledging her return home. She looked down just as the pilot was announcing that the plane would land in fifteen minutes. Mila shuddered with dread at what lay in store for her. She tried reciting her new year resolution; something she never took serious. She shut her eyes and chanted it like a mantra over and over again as the plane took it’s descent, “get over Tunji Jacobs and move on”. 


She arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, at about 5 pm Monday evening. The airport was crowded as throngs of people kept moving at a fast pace to either book a flight or catch their flight. It was the perfect scene of an organized chaos. Mila understood this; it was the Lagos style. Even when there’s no rush, people just find themselves rushing naturally. “My Lagos, I have missed you” Mila mused to herself as she checked out her luggage and headed towards the parking lot.

She had called her mum before leaving London to inform her of her coming home so she hoped the usual Lagos traffic would be merciful enough to allow her get home early. Thankfully, she found a cab. She turned on her phone and scrolled through her social media apps. There wasn’t anything serious going on save for the New Year festivities still ongoing. Then she moved on to her Whatsapp messages and replied Simi’s, Bode’s and some other people’s messages, most of them New Year’s wishes for her. She still had about fifty messages from Tunji she hadn’t read.  “What’s the worse that could happen if I read his messages?” she thought to herself. She took a deep breath before opening Tunji’s chat and it said;

Dec. 15, 2015

Mila, I can explain
What you saw isn’t what you think
Please, just take my calls

Mila, I’m so sorry, I never ever meant to hurt you

Please take my calls

I heard you collapsed. Please, I want to see you.
I need to see you Mila
I need to know you weren’t hurt

I’m outside your house right now and the gate is locked. 
Please let me in.

I’m still here Mila. I’m not leaving anytime soon. (1:00 am)

Mila, I’m sorry.
Atleast, allow me in.
I have to see you and be sure that you’re alright.

It’s 2: 00 am now. Please, take my calls

Dec. 16, 2015

Hey Sunshine, I hope you’re well. 
May I come see you today?

Please, let’s meet. 
I have a lot to tell you

Mila, please talk to me

I know what I did was horrible, but at least give me a chance to explain myself

I need to talk to you Mila

She paused as she felt the tears stinging her eyes then she read on. They were many so she quickly scrolled through some then she slowed down on the rest.

Dec. 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Mila.
I was at your place yesterday and your Mum told me you travelled with Simi 

Where are you?

Dec. 28, 2015

I’m in London right now Mila. I came with Leo but Simi’s refusing to allow me see you.

Mila, who’s Bode?
You’ve refused to talk to me or even see me and now, you’ve moved on with someone else?
Please, talk to me…

Jan 1, 2016

Mila, I’ve searched for you in most of the hotels around but none can identify you.
Leo just told me you’re at Simi’s.
Please send me Simi’s address so I can come meet with you or meet me at Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel.
That’s where I’m lodged.

Your silence is killing me Mila
I’m sorry about everything
All I ask for now is to see your face again and make things right with you.

I’m not giving you up for anyone Mila
I’m not letting you go

Jan 4, 2016

I’m at the Heathrow airport. I’m heading back to Nigeria now but I’ll wait for you there

I know I messed up Mila but at least, give me a chance to see you and talk to you.

I love you Mila
I’ll wait for you.

Mila was crying by the time she finished reading Tunji’s chats. She was tearing up with so many emotions at the same time. She was angry, sad, and happy. She was angry that Tunji had come search for her in London and Simi and Bode had refused to allow him see her. They hadn’t even told her that he was around, she was so pissed. But, she won’t blame them cos they were only trying to help her through her healing process. She understood what they had done. She was sad that she had put Tunji through so much stress. No matter what he had done, she still loved him and didn’t wish to make him feel just as miserable as she felt. She was happy because, he had gone out of his way to go search for her in London. He had mentioned that he loved her and would wait for her but was she ready to see him yet? She wasn’t sure of anything anymore but she’d take her chances.

She clicked on Tunji’s profile and dialled his number. He picked on the first ring.


“Where are you?” she asked without the usual curtsy

“At home. I need to see you Mila” Tunji said sounding weak

Mila melted at the sound of his voice. She exhaled slowly before saying,

“I’m on my way home from the airport now. Pick me up by 8 pm” then she hung up.

She would hear whatever he had to say when they saw each other.For now, she needed to strengthen her defences against any impending distractions to their conversation.

She closed her eyes again and continued chanting her New Year’s resolution;

“get over Tunji Jacobs and move on”. 

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