She had started rummaging through her closet the moment she returned from Church, looking for the perfect outfit to wear to Simi’s send forth party later in the evening. Most of her clothes were work clothes and corporate dinner wears but thanks to the “Boyfriend”, her wardrobe had improved a lot. She found several new party wears she had never really worn cos, Tunji just kept buying them. Whenever they went out and he saw something he felt would look good on her, he would buy it so most of the time, she would suggest they stayed indoors or go for dinner where there wasn’t a nearby mall.

Her shoe rack was another space that had been greatly affected by Tunji’s Midas touch. To go with the clothes, he had also bought her some fancy shoes and she loved that they weren’t work shoes. He had gotten her a pair of Christian Louboutine’s brownish nude Iriza heels, Jimmy Choo’s black ankle strap heels, a Schutz Kitty pearl stiletto heel that had a fancy fringe dangling from one of the straps and a Victoria Secret’s perfect pumps in blush. She removed a bag from one of the drawers in her wardrobe and smiled. She had invested in a new hair wig. She loved the 24 inches wavy one she had seen at one of those expensive shops Tunji had taken her to shop for clothes and she had gone back on her own to buy it. She had gotten it for a hundred and fifty thousand Naira and had been waiting for a day to rock it.

Tunji loved her natural hair which was long, rich in texture and black. He would always say that her hair had flesh and blood. So, because of him, she had given more attention to her natural hair because, whenever they were together, he would run his fingers through her hair and would sniff the sweet oil she applied regularly to her scalp. So today, she would rock her human hair because, Tunji wouldn’t be around and she was curious to see how she would look with something that expensive gracing her head. She looked through her jewellery case and noticed that, save for the jewelries Tunji had gifted her, she didn’t even have a collection of her own she could boast of. What a life of luxury Tunji had introduced her to; she wondered to herself. With that thought running through her head, she slumped on the bed to rest her aching back. A short nap would do her a lot of good.


At exactly 7pm, Mila woke up from her long nap and immediately dashed into the bathroom. The party was to start by 8 and she was supposed to be there at least thirty minutes earlier to assist Simi with whatever was left of the arrangements. She showered and brought out her makeup box. Today, she was going to glam up and have fun. She took extra care with her makeup by  creating a cut crease, light smoky eye look, with a bit of golden glitters on her lids. Then she used her favourite lip stick; a peachy nude with a bit of gloss smeared on it to perfect her glow. Satisfied with her face, she immediately requested for a cab online before going ahead to wear on the dress she finally selected. It was a sleeveless pearl coloured body con gown that settled a bit below her knees. It had slits on both sides that went from under her arm to her waist, enhancing her slight curves.

She sectioned her natural hair in two, weaved it all back and then wore her wig. She was shocked at her glamorous look as she adjusted the wig to a side parting on her head. It looked so natural and she loved it. Even Simi wouldn’t recognize her. She wore one of the simple gold bracelets Tunji bought her on her left wrist, wore her gold studded  earrings, two plain knuckle rings on her right fingers and a simple gold choker that had a single extended chain that fell to her chest. Then she wore her Christian Louboutine’s brownish nude Iriza heels because they were comfortable and classy. Finally, she wore on her Channel Coco Mademoiselle perfume, picked up her gold clutch purse and left at the beep of her phone that her ride had arrived.


COVA was bursting with activity already even by the 8: 30 pm when Mila arrived there. She started calling Simi to let her know that she had arrived and when Simi picked, it was so noisy, she couldn’t really hear a thing. She had to send a text to Simi, asking her to come get her from outside the door. She loved the music that was playing now and couldn’t help but move to it’s rhythm and at that point, Simi opened the door and saw her. They both screamed in excitement at seeing each other. Simi looked as beautiful as ever in her black play suit that had a long slit at the back down to her waist line, revealing her smooth fair skin. She had on her luxurious weave as well and black strap up heels. She looked gorgeous but her attention was on Mila.

“Wow Mila, you look stunning! You look so different” she said in amazement

“Mila giggled excitedly ”Well, thank you! I’m also surprised I could pull this off”

“And to think that you’ve been hiding that gorgeous body beneath all those jeans and hard materials…” Simi continued, looking surprised. She just couldn’t belief that Mila could look this hot.

Mila was laughing now and had to stop Simi from flooding her with compliments. She said,

“Okay Simi. It’s your day. How about we go in there and pop all the drinks like we just don’t care!”

They both screamed again in excitement and went into the crowded hall.


Drinks flowed, the music was cool and thrilling, the MC was giving shout outs to everyone that was either celebrating a birthday, a promotion or something else, their colleagues were having a good time, the Shisha pot never burnt out as it was continuously refilled, the “Asun” kept flowing in and the atmosphere was charged. She had danced with Simi for a while  but Simi was now with Leo and was giving him a lap dance at a corner of one of the seats. Mila had socialized with all of their colleagues that had come through for Simi, had turned down a lot of dance offers from the swarming guys that kept staring at her and she had to escape to the upper section of the area they were using for the party. There, she leaned against the rails of the roof top spot that looked out to the streets of Idowu Martins. She experimented with the Shisha and found that she loved the flavour. Then she continued taking intoxicating drags from the pipe.

Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the moment. Then she opened her eyes gradually and then fully cos she had seen something that caught her interest.

First, she saw a beautiful woman. She looked white but she wasn’t. She was a Nigerian that looked white. She looked so beautiful, with a flawless skin. She had on a straight blonde weave that looked like it were natural, a black chiffon shirt gown that stopped above her knees, revealing her perfect long legs and a natural makeup that looked like she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. She was obviously married as on her ring finger, she had on an expensive looking diamond ring that Mila could swear cost a fortune. She was slim like a model and tall; at least two inches taller than Mila.

Mila sighed with longing for Tunji as she noticed that the woman’s spouse held her protectively while leading her to sit adjacent to Simi’s party at a table with “RESERVED”. She couldn’t really see the spouse’s face but it was obvious that they were deeply in love as he helped her to sit comfortably, bent down to kiss her fore head and then her lips before leaving again to probably order for their drinks. Mila kept staring at the woman. She looked too beautiful to be true and as if noticing that she was being watched, she looked up from her phone across the space at Mila and smiled like she was used to the attention. Mila smiled back and waved.

She was about turning to her shisha pot again when she saw the woman’s spouse returning. At first, she couldn’t see his face because of the precarious disco lights turning here and there in the room. But when he finally settled into his seat, he sat facing Mila but unlike his wife, he didn’t seem to notice Mila staring. He had taken her hand in his and brushed her knuckle with a kiss. He also had on a wedding ring that looked pretty expensive too. Then their drinks arrived and as he poured it into their glasses, he conversed with his wife.

Mila had a feeling they were talking about her because, the man kept stealing glances in her direction but neither could see each other. Then finally, the white part of the disco light fell on their corner and everyone could see everyone’s face. It was like a moment of revelation as at that point, Mila saw squarely that, the said spouse was Tunji, her own Tunji Jacobs. She was so shocked that she dropped the shisha pipe she was holding together with her glass of drink. Apparently, Tunji had seen her as well and had spilled the drink he was holding on his white shirt.


Mila didn’t know how she had gotten home but when she woke up on Monday afternoon, she took some sleeping pills. She wasn’t ready to wake up just yet. Maybe if she slept more, she would wake up back to the evening she had first approached Tunji. She probably wouldn’t have bothered being a hero then. She probably wouldn’t have even met him. She probably wouldn’t be facing another day of trying to figure out what Tunji, who was supposed to be in the US  since Thursday, was doing with another woman; HIS WIFE! at COVA yesterday.

For now, sleep is just the best therapy.

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