The second week of December started on a good note.The ACE Group had a lot to celebrate. They had finished all their projects for the year and Mr. Duke’s mood was infectious. Usually, they closed for the year few days before Christmas because of the workload but this particular year turned out to be one of the best out of their 10 years of existence cos the annual target had been met and all that was left was for the staff to clear their desks and attend just two meetings to discuss the company’s achievement as well as the expectations from the different departments for the next year. Most people were familiar with this protocol and so didn’t see it as anything that’ll be tedious. What everyone was really looking forward to was the bonus package. They would receive double their salary, dinner with management in a five star hotel to celebrate their achievements, as well as exchange of gifts among themselves and of course, a Christmas party.
Mila was happier cos this would be her first time experiencing all these with the company and to crown it up, she would have a partner to bring along to all the celebrations and for the first time, she won’t be celebrating Christmas without a boyfriend. She sighed with contentment as she was clearing her desk and taking records of all the tasks she had completed for the year.
Simi on the other hand had completed her 6 months internship and had been offered a job at the company but, she had refused to stay because, according to her, she wold travel to the UK to visit her Mum and her siblings and then pursue her dreams of becoming a CEO in whatever business venture that caught her interest. However, the company had given her a send forth party but she had planed another major one for herself at COVA. It was to happen that Sunday and the cards were out already. She strolled over to Mila in her usual seductive way of walking and Mila couldn’t help but smile when she noticed Simi. She had to voice out her thoughts.
“If there’s one thing I’m going to miss in this office about you Simi, it’s the way you’ve turned this office into your personal run way. Girl, you really know how to work it!”
Simi giggled and then replied “honestly Mila, I’ll miss the stares and the attention. But, I know I’ll get more in the UK.”
Mila laughed and shook her head fondly “you sure will”
“So Madam, do me a favour, please don’t get too carried away with your lover man this weekend and then forget to attend my send forth party. I’ll sue him if that happens” Simi said with a mock serious face
Mila flushed a bit and then hurriedly replied “Oh no! that won’t happen. In fact, we’ll come together.” on seeing the frown on Simi’s face, she added, “I promise”
“Nice!” Simi said excitedly before excusing herself to go talk to the other staff as that would be her last day in the office.
Mila decided to call Tunji and give him a heads up about Sunday as it was Wednesday already. She dialled his number but it was busy. She dialled for the second time but it still showed busy. So she decided to wait for him to return the call. He was probably busy as usual.
Mila was home already from work and was continuing her novel, “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. She had neglected the novel since she reunited with Tunji cos they were together most of her spare time. It was about 9 pm when her phone started ringing and she smiled at the caller ID that showed “Mine”. She had changed Tunji’s name to “Mine” while he called her “Sunshine”. She picked up.
“Hello Sunshine!” Tunji’s rich baritone boomed from the other end
“Hey Mine!” Mila giggled
“I’m sorry I didn’t take your calls. I had an emergency board meeting that went on for hours. How are you?”
“I’m alright Tee. Hope it’s nothing serious?”
“Well, not really. It’s just… Are you home already?”
“Yes. Is everything alright Tee?” curiosity was eating up Mila  already
“Yes absolutely. I just want to see you”
“That’s not how you sound when you want to see me Tee. What’s going on?” Mila sounded serious now and Tunji knew she wouldn’t let it slide except he told her the truth so he gave in.
“Alright Sunshine. The thing is, I’ll be travelling tomorrow morning but I’ll be back before the new year. I just need to fix up some things in the states before the year runs out.”
Mila wasn’t happy about this but she had to accept it cos, he had to take care of things as the man that he is didn’t he? She sighed and said;
“Okay. Just come around instead”
Tunji sighed with relief “Alright Sunshine, I’ll be there in a bit” then he hung up.
When Tunji arrived, Mila opened the gate to the compound for him to drive in. He parked and got out of the car to hug her. She looked fragile in her one piece white nightie and her flip flops. Tunji held her head to his chest while his other hand went around her. Mila inhaled the sweet sent of his white shirt. He rarely wore suits but when he did, he had this air of the serious, no smiling CEO. But she liked him that way too.
They hadn’t seen the previous weekend cos he had been busy but they had had dinner on Sunday and had been communicating as usual but Mila felt empty all of a sudden. She had hoped to spend Christmas with him and now, he was travelling. This really wasn’t  nice to hear at all.
Tunji as if hearing her thoughts held her away from him to look at her before saying;
“I’m really sorry Sunshine, this one’s beyond me at the moment. I’ll be back before the New Year, I promise”
“And I was thinking of flaunting you at Simi’s send forth party on Sunday, my company’s dinner next week Wednesday and then the Christmas party on Friday. Now, I’ll be single for another two or three weeks” she complained sulkily
Tunji laughed at the baby face she had made and then drew her back to him. Then he led her back to the car and opened the door for her to sit before going around to sit on the driver’s seat. He leaned in closer to her and inhaled the  scent of her hair before saying;
“Now I feel bad. So many events for my little miss sunshine and I’ll be missing all of it. I don’t even want to think about the many greedy sharks that will be looking at you there in my absence. I’ll make it up to you Mila”
“How?” she asked solemnly
“Don’t worry. I’ll surprise you” he said with his mouth already on one of her ears.
He nibbled on the lobe and then trailed the outline to the her neck with his tongue as his hands went up to her already alert nipples. Mila was weak. They hadn’t made love again since after the first time she went to his house. Tunji wasn’t a sex freak but he loved teasing her like this every now and then, lighting up her desires and then quenching them quickly again. This time, she wouldn’t let him do that to her again.
She turned to face him and kissed him weakly at first, and then, deeply as if trying to store  up as much of him in her as she could, for Christmas. She allowed her fingers to move around his face, tracing his fine features,  his low cut wavy hair, his chest and then she whispered, with her voice thick with passion,
“I want you Tee. Right here”
Tunji was surprised despite his incoherent thoughts “Are you sure?” he asked
“yes, please…” Mila answered.
Gently, he detached himself from her and turned on the CD player. Then, Ed Sheeran’s voice slowly seeped out of the stereo as he sang UNI from a selected songs collection. Tunji turned off the lights in the car and was surprised when he felt Mila’s hand on his crotch. She unzipped his fly and looking at him through the darkness of the car, she she brought one, two then three of her fingers to her tongue, licked them erotically and then slowly laid one on the cap of his hardened maleness. She circled the tip and the surrounding flesh with light touches, still looking at Tunji to see his reaction. Tunji had leaned back with his mouth half opened, enjoying the maddening sensation that was building up in his system.
Mila continued teasing him as she gently and lightly massaged the sides of his maleness and would go back to circle and rub the cap. Then she shocked Tunji by taking him in her mouth. He was huge but she loved the thickness of him so, using her tongue, she pleasured him the way he had pleasured her. She drank from the little spurts he released to her thirsty mouth and with his grans spurring her on, she released him, stood up and sat on top of him, with her back facing him. She didn’t want him to cum just yet.
She raised up her nightie and felt his hands on her breasts; fondling and caressing her hardened nipples. His lips were working their magic on the nape of her neck, throwing Mila into a frenzy. Moving her undergarment aside, she paved way for Tunji’s eager maleness. They both paused for a second as each felt the other’s territory opening to welcome a much missed friend.
Mila was lost in the throes of passion as this was a first for her. Tunji was shocked at this other side of Mila. He was used to the reserved Mila who was an epitome of everything innocent. This wasn’t innocence taking control of his senses and riding him erotically at all. This was a woman that had needs, cravings and yearnings that needed to be satisfied and he loved this part of her he was just discovering. He loved that her moans were driving him wild. He loved that she was past the point of caring if her parents would find them out. He loved that she was in control and truly exercising her powers over his body.
So he let her be in charge, doing her bidding, holding her where she led his hands, touching her where she whispered and kissing her when she turned to look at him. Mila held on tight to the steering wheel. She could feel the rush like an urgent pee, scurrying and spreading all over her. She held on, trying not to lose her balance from the explosion that was coming. She jerked as she felt Tunji jerking as well then they both found their release. They held on to each other for a while to catch their breath then at that point, Ed Sheeran’s voice died down on his “Kiss Me” track that had been playing then.
Tunji turned on the dim light of the car and looked at Mila in awe, then he said

“What came over you? You just took advantage of me and I totally loved it.” they both laughed lightly, then too tired to talk more, Tunji held Mila closer to him. They stayed that way for a bit; enjoying their even breathing  then, he whispered into her ears;

“I’ll miss you Mila, but I’ll be back before you know it”

She felt the tears sting her eyes and when one fell on her cheek, she answered

“I’ll wait for you”

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