Mila tried getting up from the bed and realized that she was stuck. She tried reaching for her bedside alarm clock but it wasn’t there. She tried reaching for her phone as well but it wasn’t there. She almost panicked when she felt warm breath on the back of her neck, strong arms and legs wrapped around her and she had to turn around to figure out her environment. She sighed with relief when she saw the familiar handsome face of Tunji sleeping peacefully. Then she recalled the events of the previous night and felt her face go hot. She raised her hand and touched his face, trailing his rich full arched brows to his eyes, his straight nose, and then his peach colored lips. She leaned in, planted a light kiss on his lips and then gently untangled herself from his embrace.

She removed her phone from her hand bag to check the time. It was 7 am. They had slept late cos they couldn’t have enough of each other. She smiled at the thought of the things they had done. Tunji had exposed her to some parts of her body she never knew had existing nerves that could be triggered into ecstasy. She saw 10 missed calls from her parents and immediately sent a text saying that she took a night cap at a friend’s place then she took Tunji’s shirt from the couch where he had dropped it, put it to her nose and inhaled his sent. She felt intoxicated by his scent then she wore it and left the room to tour the house. She moved towards the window which started from the floor and went all the way up, opened the curtains slightly so as not to wake Tunji, then she took in the beautiful view of her environment. Does this place really exist in Nigeria? she asked herself. Where were they? she wondered as she left the room.

She went into the hall way and was struck by the 3D wall designs. They looked like tall trees and when she traced the designs down the stairs, she discovered that it was the concept of a garden except that everything was white. The living room was spacious like a dance studio save for the massive 170 inch flat screen TV that looked like it was built into the wall, a red and white 7 sitter sectional sofa with some comfy foot rests in front of the TV, a glossy gold chandelier hanging high from the ceiling, there were so many other black and golden little ornaments that were placed here and there, giving the room the feel of sophistication.

Mila stared open mouthed. She hadn’t noticed all of these the previous night. There were two doors on each side of the room. She opened the first and saw that it led to a pool side. Gosh! the pool was massive with about 4 white curtained tents like those she had seen in one of those Dubai pictures. Then she went back inside to look for the kitchen. She found it and was amazed by the simplicity that defined the richness of it. It was white as well but everything from the the cooker to the cabinets, the huge standing refrigerator and the appliances, were a golden brown. How did he do all these? she wondered aloud. Everything looked so classy and neat.

She left the kitchen and went back to the living room but then, something shiny caught her attention from one of the fancy half wall shelves. She moved towards it and saw that it was a gold plated photo album with Tunji’s name inscribed on the cover. She opened it and saw a brief note about the owner written in italics, on the first page. The contents of the note made her smile. It read;

“Although, Tj doesn’t like photos, I’m sure that’s because he knows that he’s a handsome devil” ?
Mila was about flipping to the next page of the album when she felt Tunji’s hands come up to her breasts from behind. She was startled at first but smiled when he kissed one of her ears.
“Good morning” she said shyly as she put her hands on her neck.
“Good morning my Mila. Did you sleep well?” he asked with his rich baritone voice while nuzzling her neck.
“Yes” she managed a whisper cos his lips on her neck was sending delicious tingles all over her. She threw back her head to rest on his chest so she could feel him more but then, she remembered she still had questions. She just couldn’t let him off the hook that easily. So she gently detached herself from him and because she was still standing by the half wall shelf with Tunji really close, there was little room for her to make more space between them so instead, she turned and faced him. He had on just his little boxer with the rest of him bare. She looked away not to be distracted before asking;
“Tunji, I really need to know why you left for that long without contacting me”
Still surprised that she had detached herself from him, he sighed before answering,
“I’ve called my cook to come over and prepare breakfast. What would you like to drink first?”
Mila was dumbfounded. Did he just openly ignore her question? She tried again,
“Tunji, I asked a question. Please answer me”
Seeing that she wouldn’t let it go, he answered “Mila, I’m sorry I left for that long and didn’t contact you. I was caught in the middle of a work crisis. I thought I could resolve it in a week but it took that long”
Mila didn’t understand how such a crisis could prevent someone from calling. She wasn’t satisfied with that and she probed on.
“First of, you told me you were into finance and I discovered that you are the CEO of an oil and gas company with branches in Lagos, Abuja and America. You should have mentioned that Tunji. And second, I don’t see how a crisis could have prevented you from calling or texting me for the whole three months and one week”
Tunji looked trapped but he hid it by going on his knees and looking up to her submissively. That weakened Mila’s resolve and she felt defeated. She couldn’t win this she admitted to herself. Tunji however made another attempt to redeem himself.
“Mila, remember I told you of how guarded I was with people, especially women coming too close to me. I’m a very private person that’s why I didn’t mention my occupation in details. If we had had several more dates, I would have mentioned it eventually. As for not calling you, I’m sorry. Thoughts of you tormented me but , circumstances wouldn’t allow me contact you. I had to come look for you immediately I returned yesterday”
“hmm…I was wondering how you knew where I would be at that time” Mila said already giving in to his plea
“I had gone to your place straight from the airport but your mom told me you hadn’t returned from work. I decided to check you at work. I’m so sorry Mila. Please, punish me as you wish for my crime” he pleaded
Mila looked down at his face and smiled. Oh Tunji, what do I do with you now. She tried pulling him up but he got up himself and gave her a look that said that he was awaiting her instructions. That cracked her up and she started laughing. He smiled and said with a mischievous look;
“I’m waiting Mademoiselle Mila. Anything, just name it”
Coyly, Mila tiptoed and whispered in his ears
Tunji smiled knowingly and lifted her from the floor. She giggled happily as he carried her up the stairs and into the bedroom. He put her on the couch and winked at her before disappearing into the bathroom. It was a huge bathroom with a large tub. He turned on the heater and the tap, added some drops of Jo Malone Orange Blossom bath oil and one ball of lush sex bomb bath bomb for bubbles and to set the mood. When he saw that all was set, he went back into the room and gently undressed Mila. He led her into the bathroom and into the tub. The aromatic fragrance that had filled the bathroom had a strong effect on her senses and she found herself dizzy with want. Tunji seeing that he had successfully executed her request for a soothing bath, undressed and joined her in the tub for the twist she had requested to go with the bath.
He got in behind her and using circular motions with a foam sponge, he washed her body. Mila had rested her head on his chest with her eyes closed and was enjoying every touch. Then she felt something in between her thighs, something she had come to grow familiar with. She let out a soft cry of pleasure as she felt Tunji’s fully hard maleness slip into her slowly. She held on to the sides of the tub for support as she felt a first thrust that shook her entire being. Tunji too, lost in the moment and the wetness of her female, held her close to him and slowly continued his trip to discovering her essence. Together, they found their release but stayed on in the tub, whispering sweet nothings to each other and forgetting about their growling stomachs.
That weekend was the best weekend in Mila’s adult life. They had gone out later for breakfast, movies, shopping, and then the beach. In the evening, they had gone to Radisson Blu hotel to eat at the water side and listen to the live band play. Sunday was better as they had stayed indoors, cooked together with Tunji’s chef around, they had done a make shift cinema in the house and then danced to some cool jazz music.
She still left the album open on the shelve in the living room as they had been too occupied with each other for her to remember going back to close it. Thus,  Tunji dropped her off at work on Monday morning. He had bought her work clothes and shoes to change into as he didn’t want her to leave that weekend. And so, Mila kept thanking her stars for bringing Tunji back to her.

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