The BBNaija 2019 Housemates Profiles of the contestants looks so bias! It is so obvious that they highhandedly went after housemates who are not just from wealthy homes but who are also “been tos”. BBNaija is not just a TV show but a social experiment which brings individuals from different walks of life, with contrasting personalities, ideologies and idiosyncrasies to live together for 3 months, engaging in mind games, testing their physical, emotional and mental strengths, all for a PRIZE. Usually, the aim of the show is to help elevate aspiring individuals in whatever career path they choose but this year’s organizers totally has another agenda up their sleeves.

BBNaija STRATEGY for 2019

BBNaija has always had a strategy to keep the show entertaining and the audience glued to DSTV channel 198 and to do this, the organizers will go to any length to bring controversial housemates to our screens. The category of individuals they admit into the house is very obvious. They bring in the overly uptight intellectual who maintains decorum in the house or stay aloof all situations, the Joker/the fool who talks too much, the trouble starter/ bipolar individual who’s a spit fire and also triggers the fights in the house and then the Eye-Candy who is usually the sexy female with a banging body and a crazy sex appeal that triggers the sensuality of the male housemates as well as those of the viewers. Now two sets of people usually last longer in the house; the Eye-Candy and the Bipolar individuals.



These sets of people are the reason for the traffic the show gets as nobody is interested in watching a bunch of boring grown adults engaged in a social experiment. People usually want to to see the quarrels, the competitive spirit at play as well as well as the mind games which biggie causes the housemates to express hence the nature of the votes for a favorite. However, the longevity of a housemates’ stay in the Big Brother House isn’t completely determined by the votes of the viewers. The organizers needs the views/traffic thus, whichever housemate brings that high tempo energy or is most watched as determined by social media trends is made to stay in the house. (see sense)


BBNaija has totally flipped the script this year. First, some of these 21 housemates seem like they didn’t even go through the hurdles of the life threatening audition which thousands of Nigerian Youths went through all over the country. Though, the housemates (AVALA, ELLA, FRODD, OMASHOLA, SIR DEE, IKE, TUOYO, MERCY, GEDONI, THELMA, SEYI, ESTHER, JACKYE KHAFI, ISILOMO, KIMOPRAH, DIANE, NELSON, TACHA, JEFF, MIKE) shared their audition story and journey 3 days ago, some sounded totally funreal.

Another thing I noticed is, almost all the housemates have either traveled, lived, schooled, or visited the abroad. And they all came armed to their teeth with some real and fake BritAmerican, AmericaNaija, AngloPidgin, BritPidgin accents! Jeez! Listening to them converse is like listening to a cacophony of accents! The init, wanna, gonna, ionwanna, you know, right, yeah, iend, umh… etc could make your ears bleed! It was like BBNaija needed the accents to tush up the show.

Some BBNaija 2019 Housemates Profiles

Also, most of the housemates are already made in one way or another. Here are are few bbnaija 2019 housemates profiles for you. Some are CEOs like Mike who owns the first Black-owned cigar line in the UK and is also a professional athlete. Seyi is the Legendary Obafemi Awolowo’s Grandson and probably has inheritance while just 2 or 3 are legit hustlers. For someone like Tacha who is a controversial Instagram influencer who markets brands via her raunchy and almost nude videos/photos but hasn’t traveled abroad before, the organizers knew they had found the Eye-Candy of the show. This is actually paying off because, her 400k Instagram followers are now ardent viewers of the show which is another stream of income for BBNaija. What a wawu!









And now, I’m yet to find out if this whole arrangement is the essence of the “Pepper Dem Gang” theme of this year’s show. Now the real question is; Are these the real people who went for the auditions or did the BBNaija organizers send special invitations to these kids to come and bore us to death with their goody two shows conversations?

Like seriously though, we need more action!

No more bonding biko. At least, if we have to deal with their faces for 3 months and listen to them talk about their relationships non stop like Jackye and Seyi, they should make it worth our while. Jeez!



Anyways, BBNaija organizers, our eyes are on you. We’ll see how this ends and trust, me, my fingers and my keyboards are always ready.

Peace out.


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