8th November 2017

Where my ladies at?!

If you’ve been struggling to organize and enjoy a girls night out with your girlfriends, this post is totally for you. As I wrote this post, I remembered a lot of events that happened in 2014 before I went for NYSC and I’m going to use one of them here so, brace yourselves with your popcorn and get ready as I bless you with 6 amazing ways to enjoy a girls night out.

First of, what’s a girls night out? For the benefit of those who are talented in creating figurative definitions to things that should be understood literally, let’s take a shot at giving a clear definition.

A Girls Night Out simply means, an evening or night that two or more girls have chosen and agreed to go somewhere (it could be a party, a club, a bar, an event, movies, etc) and have fun. Simple! Usually, the idea behind this arrangement is to unwind from the stress of their daily activities and to catch up on their various life events. This is supposed to be a good avenue to breathe, detox the mind and bond  but sometimes, it ends up turning out crazy as in place of the positive vibes that spurred the initiation of the arrangement, negative vibes are birthed. Relationships are either strengthened or weakened when such negativity sets in. So, how do you enjoy a girls night out?

1. Agree on a venue ahead of time

This is really important to avoid confusion. I’ve had an occasion where I and some course mates back in University decided on a girls night out. It a spur of the moment decision and that evening turned out to be a disaster. We kept touring from one bar to another looking for space. It was more frustrating cos, exams was over and students had taken over most of the happening (affordable) spots around. We ended up going back to the hostel in out party frocks like kids who had missed Santa.  It was crazy that day cos we couldn’t afford to go to the more expensive spots in town.

2. Budget

You shouldn’t be ashamed of talking about the money aspect instead of just the fun. Remember, quality fun doesn’t come cheap except someone volunteers to foot the bill. But, where there’s no “Miss big spender”, please respect yourselves and prepare your money in advance. Some ladies go out and hope to catch the attention of a generous dude that will buy them drinks. Hmm, if only you know that the fairy god- mother of “oshofree” also gets pissed at ladies who like free things. Point is, plan ahead and save up some cash to have quality fun. You just might be lucky to meet someone who will pay the bills but still, have some cash.

3. Agree on a dress code

This might seem irrelevant but trust me, it is REALLY important. Us ladies know this too well. Admiration for a fellow woman’s outfit could turn sour when the admirer feels less in her own outfit. I’ve seen situations where a group of girls would agree on a hang out and then one of them could go like “just wear what you like” and then when they meet, everyone might dress down save for the one that made that statement. She could be looking like she’s going for a red carpet event while the rest would be looking like her glam squad. Lol.  Truth is, others would feel uncomfortable except the most dressed up who might also end up feeling out of place or overly dressed for the occasion. So, best thing to do is to agree if everyone should go on jeans, gowns, dresses, or whatever. Your outfits doesn’t have to be the same, but it could either be casual or seriously sexy.

4. Please be cheerful, try not to outshine your girlfriends!

Now this is where I get to share my experience to back up this tip. I once visited my “Bestie” where she was serving cos I hadn’t started serving then. I was a fresh graduate and working so, I would visit her on some weekends when I was bored. It happened that on one of those evenings I arrived at her house, she was preparing for a “girls night out” organized by one of her friends and neighbour. So my Bestie introduced me to her as well as a third girl who was present there and we all chattered excitedly like we had known one another for ages.

When we got to the location, Kim (fake name) changed her countenance all of a sudden. She became cold and all business like towards us. In fact, she left us at the gate and went straight inside the venue. Then after some minutes, she came out again and shouted “oya nau! you girls should hurry please. I don’t have time for this” then she walked inside again. The three of us looked at one another, dumb founded. When we got inside, Kim never laughed or shared a joke with us.  The outing was a disaster and my Bestie was livid with anger for even bringing me out to witness such “nonsense” as she put it.

Morale of the story is; Dear Ladies, if you’re gonna go for a night out, please be cheerful, smile and fine tune your mind to have fun!. Try not to out shine your girl friends and stop acting like you’re all competing for attention. The idea is to pass around positive energy and not give anyone the impression that you’re boss over your other girlfriends.

5. Avoid Emotional breakdowns

I know we each all have one issue or the other plaguing our hearts and sometimes, we just want to share our deepest hurts with our friends. Well, that’s not a bad idea but it’s a turn off if you’re gonna do it in a girls night out. Come on, it’s not the end of the world. Such times are reserved to breathe and not break down. The best thing to do instead, is to channel that energy you’ve reserved to break down and cry to the excitement before you. Trust me, you’ll come back feeling refreshed.

6. Finally, feel free to be extra

Yes! feel free to be as crazy and outgoing as you want. You’re not out to impress anyone or any guy around. That’s why its called a “Girls Night Out”. Be free to laugh out loud if you want, make jokes even if your’re terrible at it, dance even if you’ve got no rhythm and have fun. Don’t be too uptight cos you’ll end up spoiling the mood.

And so darlings, those are my tips on how to enjoy a Girls Night Out. I’ll love to read your comments on this. I want to know if you can relate. Also, feel free to share your experiences if you’ve faced the reverse of any of the cases I mentioned above.


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